Saturday, 5 March 2011

In which our heroine is dumbfounded... receive 'The Stylish Blogger Award' - and can't quite decide whether she's more dumbfounded about the award - or about being called 'stylish' - but is in any case highly chuffed.  The award was presented by my good friend Janice Horton who writes a mean book as well as a mean blog - and her latest work Bagpipes and Bullshot is set to hit the heights.  I heartily recommend the book's purchase - but please don't do it till April 1, because that will allow her to barnstorm the mighty Amazon's bestseller lists.
Winners of this esteemed award are asked to list seven facts about themselves - and then pass the award on.  So here goes...

1/ I once fell asleep while reading a news bulletin on Border TV - and woke up in time to find myself still talking - and describing the local football team as 'The Cuckoos' instead of 'The Cumbrians.'

2/ My proudest boast is that I was part of The Great Clydesdale Migration, riding Clydies 450 miles from the Isle of Skye to the south of Cumbria - and I was the only one to ride the entire trip.

3/ David Essex once asked me out for a curry - and I had to say no! (my heart still bleeds over that one...)

4/ As part of the legendary (?) girl group Donna and the Donettes, I once sang 'Hey Big Spender while clad in camisole, stockings and suspenders - in front of an audience!

5/ I did the Leap Year proposal thing and fortunately was accepted!

6/ Mills and Boon published nine of my books - under the pen-name of Rachel Elliot and it still grieves me that I didn't make it to the tenth.

7/ Animals are the heartbeat of my life - especially my horses, dogs and cats.

And now to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award - and I have no hesitation whatsoever in presenting it to:

All very worthy winners.

Tomorrow I'm doing my first endurance ride.  So I have a saddle to clean - and a horse.  All being well - I'll report back and let you know how it went.  Touch wood!

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  1. Hi Gilly - popped over from Janice's blog! Loved your 7 things.