Friday, 25 March 2011

In which Bounce is angelic...

We had the nicest possible day yesterday.  It was warm, it was bright, it was beautiful so Bounce and I took ourselves up to Caldbeck for a spot of hillwork.  We had an interesting moment when we passed one of those big road salt containers - this one happened to be open and had a large sheep right beside it, so Bounce decided it must be a dragon in disguise.  However, after we'd danced sideways round it, snorting indignantly all the while, we then passed heaven knows how many more of them along the way and he didn't so much as glance in their direction.  That's so like him - once he's decided a thing isn't really a threat, he crosses it off the list, unlike some horses which will forever freak out at the same bogeyman.
Turned out to be quite a social day which was surprising since we hardly saw a soul.  I think sunshine brings out the nicest side of people - so those we did see all had a friendly word to say.  Spoke to one cyclist - who turned out to be the husband of a fairly new friend - and then had a joyful meet-up with great chum Val Armstrong (of Radio Cumbria fame) who just happened to be taking her three aunties for a drive.  She was particularly taken with the fact that my horse was flirting with her - well, he is a bit of a lad!
We also saw lots of animals, and I really wished I had a camera when I saw the sweetest little Shetland foal - tiny little thing but full of fun as it trotted alongside its Mum.
Caldbeck is in a really lovely part of Cumbria, and I always enjoy going there, but being there with Bounce made it all the more special.  He was in an excellent mood - and very businesslike about the whole thing.  I love the way that he plays an active part in the relationship - he's definitely not the servant, but has feelings and opinions of his own. We don't always agree, but we generally manage to negotiate and come to some sort of compromise.
Today's pic shows Bounce - in thoughtful mode...


  1. Lovely horse. Caldbeck Common? Any chance there is a track across to Blencathra?

  2. Yes, a lovely head and expression. Must be spring because even my 25 year old semi-retired dressage horse has a bounce in his step.