Monday, 21 March 2011

In which Bounce gets a cob on...

... and if that sounds bizarre - it's local lingo, meaning he was not his usual happy self.  They always say mares are the moody ones, but I reckon geldings can be just as stroppy, and Bounce was certainly a grump when I took him out yesterday morning. 
I think I know why though - for one thing I'd been warned that some miserable weather was heading my way and I wanted to get him out before it hit - so he didn't get his breakfast first. Bad Mummy!  Secondly - we've been riding out in company the last few days and he's enjoyed that, particularly when one very pretty mare joined us.  Yesterday we were alone, and that clearly didn't suit.
I know my boy well enough to read the signs and for the first mile or so of our ride, an indignant buck was always just simmering away on the back burner.  He sent a few 'this isn't fair, why have I got to be doing this?' whinnies back to the other boys still tucked up in their stables, and when we got to the turning which would have given us a short-cut home we did have a bit of a discussion about it.  However, he gave in gracefully and a little while later I felt the irritation and tension ease out of his body as though he'd decided he might as well just put up and shut up and get on with the job.  I do love that horse.
People who aren't accustomed to horses might well think they're all just much of a muchness - that a horse is a horse is a horse.  Couldn't be further from the truth.  They all have their own personalities and idiosyncracies, their likes and dislikes, their fears and favours.  That's what makes them so special.  Developing a bond with a horse is one of the most magical things on earth.  Bounce and I don't always see eye to eye, but we do know one another pretty well and I genuinely adore the socks off him.
Picture for today - our young Black Lab Dixie who is the absolute embodiment of joy and a book all on her own. 

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  1. I thoroughly understand what you are saying. Gracie for me, is as different from "Sunny" as my Jeep is from a Citroen!

    Gracie, can be a complete bitch! Then the next second, she is the most loving and tender Mare going!!

    Sunny is as quiet as a mouse, but will "cow kick!" if given the chance, and yet she will be all over you like a cheap suit!!(In the most loving sense!)