Thursday, 31 March 2011

In which Bounce has a change of pace...

Sunday's getting closer by the second and as I write, the weather is rubbish.  March is sticking true to type - it came in as a very sweet little lamb, and it may not exactly be going out as a fully-fledged lion but its pretty wild, wet and windy.  Hope its blown itself out by sunday.  Maybe better look out some thermals just in case!
Cumbria Endurance Group Chairman Ros Denby kindly gave up a chunk of her tuesday evening to help me with the route map and to talk me through the ride, what to expect, what I should be looking out for, what I need to do on the day and on the days leading up to the ride and so on.  Very valuable - and interesting stuff.  Ros is going to crew for me which is great because she's so experienced in endurance riding she'll be able to keep me right - if anybody can!
My husband Malcolm is coming along to film the event and my friend Kim Inglis is also coming along to record interviews etc, both on film and for the BBC Radio Cumbria show we co-present on an occasional basis.  All being well, these interviews will become part of our Easter Monday show (12-2pm folks, don't miss it!)  As for the filmed stuff - my plan is to turn that into a dvd for the Cumbria group and indeed anyone else who might be interested.
Last night was the final in the ex-racers showjumping points series we've been running at Greenlands Equestrian Centre (near Carlisle).  I've actually been doing it with my other horse Barra Lad, but he had a little bit of a puffy leg last night so I decided not to chance it.  Instead - I took Bounce.  We just did one class - the 75cms - as I wanted him to have a little bit of a workout but nothing too strenuous, and also to give him a change of work after all the hacking out we've been doing.  Actually Bounce and I haven't jumped for AGES and I reckon the rest from jumping may have done him the power of good, because he was on excellent form last night and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.  So much so - that we got second place!  We might even have made it to the red rosette if I'd been a bit surer about the jump-off course.  Not to worry - I was well chuffed with my lovely boy.  No photos from last night - but this is one taken at another showjumping day at Greenlands...
As you'll see if you look closely, he's in a bitless bridle, and that's the norm for him as he goes fine in it and I'm happy to know I'm not clunking him in the mouth.  However - I think at Ullswater we will go with a bit - just in case any extra brake-power is required...



  1. I wish you well for the Ullswater ride.Take care and be safe!

  2. Super form over that jump, Gilly! Bounce is gorgeous and looking fit for the endurance ride. I'll be thinking of you and praying for mild dry weather. Good luck!
    Janice x

  3. Lovely blog, Gilly - even though I don't have much to do with horses, I wish I did!

    All the best for Sunday.