Saturday, 19 February 2011

The other half of the partnership... me.  Gilly Fraser.  Used to be a fulltime Journalist, but took redundancy from Border TV a couple of years ago and have been happy freelance ever since. Happy because I no longer have to get up at 4am to do GMTV presenting or production shifts - but even more so because I can now spend more time with my horses.  Of course being freelance means never saying no to any job offered - as the aforementioned horses (and dogs and cats) have to be fed.
My working life is now an interesting mix of writing (primarily for Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine and Cumberland News) - PR (for Paragon Vets, RealFarm Holidays and Santa School to name but three very different clients), DVD production and various other stuff.
As mentioned yesterday, I'm in the process of getting myself and my horse Foxmeade Dancer (Bounce) ready to do a 40k endurance ride in April.  I've been riding him out most days, just on the roads.  Ridiculously we don't have a single bridleway in hacking distance (apart from one that could only be reached by riding along a horrendously busy stretch), but thankfully there are some great - and quiet - country roads, so it's easy to rack up the miles. I'll also do some beach work, probably starting next week.  In the meantime, to get myself fit, I've started taking Pilates classes - and I'm really enjoying them.
Here's another picture of the photogenic member of the partnership...

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