Thursday, 24 February 2011

In which Bounce lives up to his name...

Well a boy can't be angelic all the time.  Took Bounce out for a hack today and all was going well till he spotted another horse in the distance.  Immediately he went from bumble mode to full-alert.  I'm not really sure if he was cross to see a stranger on his patch or just delighted to have a change from the routine, but either way, he decided to make an issue of it.  True to form - as we approached the other horse, Bounce did a little sideways cavort - and then a ruddy great buck.
Happily for me, I didn't come off.  That's the funny thing with Bounce really - I honestly don't think he has any real intention of decking me. Heavens knows I'm a lightweight - both metaphorically and literally, so it's not hard to send me flying if a horse really wants to - and previous horses have been all too aware of this.  When he's in the mood, Bounce can buck for Britain - and he can choose his moments as well.  First time he ever did it with me, we just happened to be crossing a bridge over a river at the time, so that was a very interesting moment!  But so far (touching wood as I write this) he hasn't pressed the ejector switch.
Tomorrow Bounce and I are going for a longer hack (10-15 miles-ish) with a proper Endurance rider, so that should definitely be interesting.  I'll let you know how we get on!
This is a picture of Bounce at a show, looking like butter wouldn't melt...not sure what my cheesy grin is all about.

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